Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love Story ♥

People always play with us. They create a game that no one know what the rules and how to play the game.As a human being, we always hurt with our own fault. Sometimes we tried not to fall in love but 'they' come without our permission. I fall for a man who can I describe him as biebieery. I admit that he's sweet and lovely at first but after 3 month our relationship was broke with our both mistake. I'm so confused. I've tried to save our relationship but I just failed. You leave me with your last hug. Thanks so much. Truth, I missed you.Love not cruel for no one but love can change us. We take this as our trial of life.We have to move on even that our relationship was just broke-up. We have to trust to our own self. No one can understand your feelings and no one can help you but people will take this chance for further damage to our life. So we should not to take this as a reason for you make more mistake. Think first! Your future more important.
 I hope that someday I'll find a better one. Yeah! actually, I will get better than before. If I find a man who can I describe him as my F.H.F, I will love him with all my heart. I will make him feels happy everyday everytime we together. I will make something that will never forget and we create our memories for our future daughter and son. Wow, you're too much farisha,hihi. But I hope that someday will happen something new. I am lonely and hate to be alone. Love is not so easy to get,but so easy to get a player.Trust me not to find your life but let 'they' comes to you.

Someday will be something new for my love's life :)