Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hard to leave You.

Thats hard for me to remove you from my life M.H. Its been 5 month we're not belong together but Can you tell me How can I forget you if you still on my face everyday? 

M.H. Yessss! Farisha keep thinking about him, about they past. She just can't forget this person. It's to hard to leave you from her mind.M.H is her first love and whatever you do to forget or how long you take time, You will never forget your first love. If I too strong to face it, I will stand on you and hold your hand while I say " Orang rindu dekat awak sangat-sangat bie" and hug you titely but I just CAN'T cause I'm not stupid.You around me everyday and I see you from Monday to Friday but I've to believe that you're not for me anymore. If I get a chance, I need you to know how much I love and miss you a lot. I got story to share that I always saw you.One day I was on my mom's car, I'm listening song tittle "Ashiteru by band Indonesia" Suddenly I remembered you and I was saw you in Petronas. I can tell you how I feel that time. Not only that, I remembered when suddenly I was in car with my sister and you was on my mind, Suddenly you on my face. 5 month leave, but I cant forget you. Yesterday, I feel that I'm cool and almost forget you but I was wrong. In lib, We see each other for couple times. Suddenly I miss you. It comes very naturally from my heart. When I answer my trial paper,You already in my mind.  So I realize that even 5 month leave, I'm still love you and the one things that I can take is go away from Ampang and leave everything about you. Thats the only way :'[
I'm sorry, but its hard for me.
I wish you happy with your new girlfriend and pray for your happiness. Amin